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Selo Group has a proven track record of building quality award-wining luxury resorts and villas on time and on budget, to the highest international standards. The business model is built around acquisition, development and operation. Our experienced international team oversee the areas of Design, Property Sales & Marketing, Construction, and Hotel and Resort Operations.

Selo Group provides a diverse suite of development, construction, operations and management services, overseeing projects from beginning to end with a strong commitment to sustainability. Through vertical integration the group captures efficiencies in the design, sales and construction verticals that dovetail into operating resorts. Selo’s green technology and design goes beyond typical motherhood statements and green marketing, we demonstrate a commitment to sustainability principles in our construction methods, our internal operations and our engagement with local communities and the natural environment.

For more on Selo Group Projects visit www.selogroup.co 


Selo Group is proud to provide employment to a team of over 200 staff across Asia. 80% of our employees are from Selong Belanak, creating sustainable livelihoods with opportunities for career progression has positive outcomes for both us as a company and for the community. We currently have over 60 full-time employees, in addition to a large number of part-time staff and vast team of contractors, all working together to ensure that the quality standards and deadlines of the group’s developments are kept on target. Listed below are some of our key senior staff members: